Psychological Services in Thunder Bay

Dr. Barbara CoomesMy practice is focused on the assessment and treatment of many common mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and trauma reactions, and on counselling about other conditions that may cause psychological distress like relationship problems, and high levels of stress from school or employment. See Services and Resources for more information about these various disorders and problems.

My approach to treatment and counselling adheres to several key principles:

  1. The importance of establishing a therapeutic relationship in which each individual feels respected and understood;
  2. The importance of working with each individual to help them understand more about the problem for which they are seeking help and to recognize the ways in which it is affecting their life;
  3. The importance of developing treatment methods that are acceptable to each individuals's culture and personal preferences.

As part of assessment and ongoing treatment I look towards developing with each individual a wellness plan that considers sleep, nutrition, physical exercise, leisure activities, social supports, and ways of evaluating and managing stress. I strongly believe that each of us benefits from considering a personal wellness plan.

Specific concepts and methods that I utilize come from cognitive-behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, and schema therapy. All of these have common elements involving reframing the way we think about ourselves which, in turn, changes the way we feel about situations and experiences, and thus allows us to try out new behaviours for reacting to and coping with these situations. I work with each individual or couple on an individualized plan for dealing with the condition or problem they are seeking help with.