About Dr. Barbara Coomes

I received my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Illinois. My early work in Illinois and later in Thunder Bay dealt with developing programs for improving the life skills of children and adults with intellectual disabilities. In addition to program development and clinical work in this area I consulted with community providers to provide enhanced educational and employment opportunities for their clients.

For the past 25 years I've been providing psychological assessment, therapy, and counselling services to individuals and couples in Thunder Bay and to those who come from other communities in Northwestern Ontario where these services are not available. My work in a psychiatric hospital, government funded community mental health programs, and independent practice has allowed me to develop, utilize, and evaluate a wide range of therapeutic approaches that integrate the latest research findings with knowledge from extensive clinical experience. When I see individuals for therapy I work with them to plan approaches and specific methods that best meet their needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

One of the many aspects of clinical practice that I have found rewarding has been the opportunity to mentor and supervise students during their preparation for becoming practicing psychologists. Their questions and insights and the new ideas they bring into their practicum placements has been part of my ever continuing education.

I've had further opportunities for student interaction as a lecturer at Lakehead University teaching courses in Educational Psychology and Child Development. My interest in these areas was especially increased during years as a Psychologist with rural and remote school districts in Manitoba.